Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rio Rancho, NM Transfer 2, Week 1

Can you believe that another week has already flown by here in New Mexico? I sure can't. I'm already back at the library typing another e-mail about another busy and successful week.

Tuesday: We were in Albuquerque for a good portion of the morning and had to do our grocery shopping and e-mailing when we got back to good old Rio Rancho. But even still, we only had half of a day to work and were extremely productive. We taught a lot of lessons and had a strong Spirit. And Sister Michel and I were able to easily adjust to teaching with just the 2 of us. We have great unity--which is a must :)

Wednesday: We met with the Spanish Elders that President brought in this transfer to help us be able to do more work and have more time for the people we did have. Elder Gonzalez and Elder Paulsen are very good, hard-working Elders. Sister Michel and I are very impressed with the work they are doing. The investigators we turned over to them are in very good hands. And even better than that, we had time for finding--something we haven't been able to do in weeks because we were so busy teaching lessons to our progressing investigators.

Thursday: We had a lot of time for finding. We focused our day in Bernalillo. There is so much potential for Spanish in Bernalillo, we just haven't been able to spend very much time down there because most of our investigators were up in the Stake (plus it's a 20 mile drive to Bernalillo and back, and we just didn't have the miles to spend a lot of time down there and up in the stake which is another 20 or 30 miles up and back). We were very productive and successful and came home tired and happy.

Friday: Sister Michel and I had a super productive planning day. We actually finished everything we were supposed to according to the guidelines in Preach My Gospel (up until then we'd only gotten about 1/2 way through during the planning session and spent the nights finishing--so not worth our time.) We even had time to cook dinner, since our dinner appointment canceled on us because there are people with the flu in their home. The Relief Society had an activity on decorating cakes that one of our less-active sisters taught (Sister Michel translated). She decorates cakes for Sam's Club, so we learned how to frost the cakes, how to do the boarders, how to do balloons, how to do baby booties, and how to do roses. If only I can remember when I get home... After that we drove across town for Lily and Alexis' baptismal interviews. They are good to go for Saturday. I am so excited. They are so ready, and their testimonies are bien fuerte. Alexis is one of the most amazing kids that I know. He's 11, turning 12 in January. He's just... I don't even know how to describe him. But I look up to him so much. And Lily too. She has been through so much in her life and has made a lot of sacrifices to make it to baptism. Saturday will be a very special day for their family. When Elder Frey got to the chapel to do the interviews, he gave me a package and a couple letters. He'd been to the mission office and brought them back. Mom, Sister Michel says "Thank you Mama Good" for the treats. And I was so glad to get that pillow for my back. Sitting in the car is so much more comfortable now. I also had a letter from Sister Sorensen--who is doing great in case anyone reading this is wondering. And Britney, I got your wedding announcement. You and Jeff are so cute together! I'm going to try to write you back today, but no promises because time is so limited and I respond in first come, first serve order (except family. They're always first). I wish I could be there for your wedding, but I'll be thinking about you. And I expect to be able to see lots of pictures.

Saturday: We spent some time contacting former investigators. We had a bunch of lessons. We also had a lesson with Norma and her whole family. We started out just teaching her, but now we're teaching the whole family, which is so great. It's a total of 7 people. They asked us some amazing questions, and are all progressing wonderfully. I love the Spirit we can feel during their lessons.

Sunday: We went to church, obviously. The turn out was a little smaller, but not bad. One of the sisters in the service invited us and the Spanish elders over for a late lunch/ early dinner which we gratefully accepted as our dinner appointment fell through, and I don't think the elders have had dinner all week because the brother who is in charge of dinners has been out of town for the past week and a half. After that, we went to contact more formers and a couple referrals from the English Elders. All in all, it was a successful day. We were able to easily complete our Sunday accounting and planning because of our productive planning session on Friday. We got done and Sister Michel and I looked at each other and said "are we really done? We can't be done yet." But we were. That left us a lot of time for writing in our journals and getting things organized for today. Blessings come from doing what you're supposed to, when you're supposed to.

Well, I hope all is well with everyone. I am still doing great. And boy do I love the weather here! It's still warm enough that I don't need a jacket yet. The leaves on the trees are changing color, but there's still some green. And it's nice enough outside to actually be able to enjoy the fall colors. Hope you all have fun with your snow and cold :) And I hope you all stay healthy as well.

Love, Hermana Good

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