Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy in Albuquerque

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week has flown by here in Rio Rancho. And this one really did fly by. Seriously, we're already at Monday? I have a feeling that now that I'm accustomed to missionary life, the next 15 months will be this way. In a way that's a good thing because I miss you all like you wouldn't believe, but in other ways I hate the idea of leaving. I have met so many wonderful people here, members and recent converts, and investigators alike. I truly feel at home here. There are several people who have "adopted" me as their daughter. I feel so welcome. I know that I have made many life-long friends.

Anyway, on with my week:

Tues: We were supposed to have our preparation day, but didn't get much of one because we have so many regular Tuesday appointments that we couldn't change, so we just worked in grocery shopping and whatnot in between the appointments. We still had a strong Spirit with us from the Temple on Monday, which was really nice for our lessons. We started teaching Lily Luna, the daughter of some recent converts (they joined the Church in Idaho in August and moved here a few weeks later. They'd been here for about a week when I met them, 4 weeks ago tomorrow.) We've been wanting to teach her, but she said she wasn't ready. Well, she asked Sister Luna when we could start teaching her so she could be baptized. When we heard this last Monday night, we could have cried. Needless to say, Lily and her son are progressing very nicely toward baptism. It is so exciting to see the way everyone is progressing. Another investigator who has a baptism date for October has introduced us to her family and I think we're going to start teaching them in the near future.

Wed: We did lots of finding in Bernalillo, for probably the last time for a while. We've got so many new investigators this week that we can hardly keep up with them all. We like it, but are having a hard time finding time to see everyone as often as we would like to. It is such a blessing though--especially since this area is new this transfer. There are so many people who have been prepared to hear the Gospel. We woke up that morning to a VERY cold apartment. Our heat wasn't working and the windows were stuck open. It was no fun. I also saw the biggest spider of my life, but it ran away before I could get it (I'm the spider killer of the trio. For example: Last night we were driving home from our last appointment and Sister Trunnell saw a spider crawling across the windshield, yes inside the car. I was in the BACK seat and both of my companions were trying to get me to get it. I obviously couldn't reach it, but had a great time watching them freak out. Also, we were studying, oh, Friday morning, and saw a black, fuzzy spider crawling across the wall. I calmly asked my companions to keep an eye on it while I went to get some toilet paper so I could flush it down the toilet. They both freaked out and wouldn't move.) Anyway... My lovely companions also tricked me into eating pickled pig fat. Talk about nasty. I'd eat fish salsa over that.

Thursday: The heater still didn't work and we still couldn't get the windows shut. And when I say it was cold, I mean it. It was below 60 in our apartment when we woke up. We called Brother Fonseca, the man who does our maintenance, and he came over to fix it. He got there to find us all wrapped in blankets wearing a million pairs of socks. He was able to shut the windows, but not the heater. Oh well. We did our weekly planning still wrapped up in blankets and discovered that we have a VERY busy week ahead of ourselves. Exciting, but somewhat stressful, especially with such a big area.

Friday: We had district meeting, and the Stake President, President Roundsville, came to talk to us about the mission plan for the stake. It was very beneficial. We also talked to him about our area, and he told us that they're shooting to start the branch in January! How exciting! They've chosen families they're going to call to work in the branch. Oh we can't wait! I'm kind of hoping I'll still be here, and with only 3 areas for Spanish sisters... and 2 companionships right now with no new sisters coming until the transfer after next... chances are pretty good that I'll still be here. Not to mention, Sister Trunnell has been here for a year and Sister Michell for 6 months. Now watch, because I said that I'll be gone and up to Colorado next Transfer in 2 weeks. But I'll go where I'm called and will make new friends and love the people just the same. Anyway, we taught several lessons. When we got back to the house, we checked the mail, and I had several more letters. Mom, your letter that you sent on Monday actually got to me! That was quick! I got 2 this week... which might mean that I don't get anything this week. :( When we walked into our apartment, it was an absolute heat wave. When we left in the morning, it was about 61 degrees... but I checked the temperature and it was about 89 or 90. Yep. Brother Fonseca got the heat working. We've regulated it now and have the apartment at a nice comfortable temperature.

Saturday: We had some appointments and went to meet a former investigator. When we got there, his wife, Magda was in the garage painting. We asked for Roy, and she told us that he was dead. As we spoke to her, we found out that he'd been here from Venezuela working. She was trying to get her papers in order to join him, but it took a long time. By the time that she got here last November, he was dead. She's really been struggling. We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation. She said she'd found el Libro de Mormon and some pamphlets in the house. We're excited to be able to teach her more. We attended the Relief Society broadcast that night. We had 3 investigators and a recent convert there, which was exciting, though I didn't understand a word. Okay, that's not true. I understood most of the words. I just couldn't put them together into meaningful sentences. That was quite down heartening, knowing that I get to sit through 8 more hours of that this weekend because they have the Spanish broadcast set up in the Relief Society room. PLEASE send me the November Ensign ASAP. I know it won't be out until November, but I want to be able to read and understand the talks. One nice thing was the choir. The songs weren't dubbed into Spanish. That would have been weird. And I saw a familiar face! Alician Arnold, if you're reading this you have no idea how happy it made me to see you singing. Honestly. To see a face from home was so wonderful. Not that I don't know many wonderful people here, but I needed that.

Sunday: We had church, and had 37 people in the service, plus some people in other wards because it is easier for them to go to their home ward than the service. That was exciting! We had 2 less actives who haven't been to church in years because of language barriers there, and one of our investigators came for the first time. Oh it was a great day! We were once again very busy, and contacted some referrals from the Elders (we tend to get a lot of those as they're out finding and run into Spanish speakers). And can I just say that my companions are so amazing? Yes, they are.

Shoot. I had something else I wanted to say. But I don't remember what it was, so I guess it wasn't that important. I love you all and appreciate your prayers and receiving letters from you. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Hermana Good

I knew I'd remember as soon as I sent that other e-mail what I wanted to say. Can you believe that I'll hit my 3 month mark on my mission this week? Yep. That's right. My farewell was June 28, 3 months ago today. Thursday marks 3 months since I left. Crazy how time flies, isn't it? It sure doesn't seem that long! Signing off for another week.

Love you all

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